Buddy System Detox 28 x 2

MANTOX is a delicious tea blend of antioxidant rich, all natural ingredients designed to increase lean muscle, increase metabolism, and improve sexual health in men. MANTOX assists the male body in correctly processing food, so it creates energy instead of fat. MANTOX is the perfect tea blend for men who are working towards a muscular, cut physique along with incredible energy and vitality.

MANTOX is the perfect addition to any current workout regime, because it does not interfere with protein powders or exercise supplements. MANTOX also works tremedously well when used on its own.


Sometimes we all need a kick in the butt to keep us going.  The Buddy System MANTOX Detox is a special offer so you can MANTOX with a friend.  Going through the MANTOX Detox with a friend will keep you motivated and accountable.  

The Buddy System MANTOX Detox is the 28 Day Detox times 2.  You'll receive 2 of the 28 Day MANTOX Detox packages.  

The 28 Day MANTOX Detox contains:

28 Daily Teas & 14 Cleanse Teas

MANTOX Tea is bagged in pyramid tea bags and individually packaged, making it simple to toss into your bag if you're in a rush to get out the door or traveling.

*Please note, both 28 Day MANTOX Detox packages must ship to the same address.*  

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