Every MANTOX package includes the following two types of tea:


The MANTOX Daily Tea is packed with all natural ingredients that work to replenish your body and promote men’s health. The Daily Tea contains all natural ingredients, some of which serve as a stimulant. After drinking the Daily Tea, you’ll feel your energy level increase and heightened cognitive awareness/focus. The Daily Tea also functions as an appetite suppressant. You’ll find that throughout the day your food cravings will be reduced, and as such, you’ll likely eat less. In addition, the Daily Tea works to increase your metabolism, which in turn burns fat and calories and helps with weight loss. The Daily Tea also contains all natural ingredients that will improve male virility.














The MANTOX Cleanse Tea is an all natural tea blend that is designed to remove unwanted toxins from your digestive tract through its laxative inducing effect. These toxins can come from the artificial ingredients contained in so many of the foods that we consume. These toxins build up over time and can inhibit weight loss, and cause us to feel weak and lethargic. Once the digestive tract is cleansed and returned to its natural state, the digestive process will be faster. This will reduce caloric absorption and aid in weight loss, and help you feel stronger and more energetic.


How to use the Daily Tea & Cleanse Teas:



The Daily Tea acts as a stimulant that will boost your energy level, so it’s best to drink it every morning for the duration of your detox (14 or 28 days). If you're crunched for time in the morning, throw one of the individually packaged Daily Teas into your bag and drink it when time permits. 



Place one of the pyramid tea bags into a mug and pour near boiling water (around 195º F) into the mug. Let the tea infuse for 3 - 5 minutes, then drink up!



The Colon Cleanse Tea should be consumed every second evening an hour or two before you go to bed for the duration of your detox (14 or 28 days). This all natural tea blend will induce a laxative effect 7 – 10 hours after consumption.  Make sure you’ll have access to a bathroom. If you have specific health history or requirements, you should only take this tea under the direction of your physician.


Place one of the pyramid tea bags into a mug and pour near boiling water (around 195º F) into the mug. Let the tea infuse for 3 - 5 minutes, then drink up!



MANTOX was created to be healthy and all natural first, and taste great second.  We believe, and an overwhelming majority of our customers agree, that we've achieved both objectives.  Typically customers tell us both Tea blends (Daily Tea & Cleanse Tea) have a refreshing and cool taste.  

Keep in mind that if the taste of MANTOX isn't to your liking, you can add sweeteners to align the flavor of the tea with your personal tastes. We've heard of customers adding honey, lemon, maple syrup, or soy milk to adjust the flavor.  



Please note and be aware of the laxative effect of the Cleanse Tea. This is intended in order to cleanse the digestive system.

For the first use of the Cleanse Tea, make sure that the following morning you have full access to a bathroom.

The laxative effect of the Cleanse Tea usually takes anywhere from 7 to 10 hours to set in. Should you have to be somewhere in the morning following the use of the tea where you will not have full access to a toilet, you may find it better to have the tea in the afternoon. If you are still worried about using the Cleanse Tea and its effect on your day to day activities, you should then begin your tea detox on a weekend (or the night before your day off) to determine your body’s response to the tea. Each person’s reaction is unique, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Our Cleanse Tea component of the MANTOX Detox program is intended to result in the best possible weight loss results. However, some may find the laxative effects to be too much to handle. Should you feel that the laxative effects are not for you, you can desist from the use of the Cleanse Tea at any time.

Prior to beginning any nutritional supplement, herbal supplement, weightloss program or regimine, you should discuss it with your professional healthcare provider. The information, services and products provided here do not constitute medical advice. The information, services and products should not replace any medical advice you have previously received or may receive in the future.